National Food Stuffs

National Food-stuffs United Kingdom – The three major supermarket chains, Pingo Doce, InterMarché, and Modelo/Continente, all have a limited (but increasing) range of UK brand names. There is also a well-known “ALI” supermarket in Praia de Luz, called “Batista’s”, which always has a wide range of UK products. Catch the A ONDA bus – (Line […]

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Computers and Tech

Computer Services & Supplies “MICROLAGOS” is an alternative, with a wider range of consumables.  Up to “Lidl’s” roundabout, turn left, uphill 200 metres, then just before the next roundabout, turn left again, into a side road. Also useful is "WORTEN", the in-house electrical goods shop of the supermarket chain, “CONTINENTE/MODELO”.  They have a wide range […]

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